Hemophilia Society Nagpur Chapter

Hemophilia Treatment Centre, Nagpur

HTCs provide comprehensive care that addresses all issues related to the bleeding disorder, as well as education about the disorder.

Our HTC provides access to multidisciplinary health care professionals, who specialize in the care of people with bleeding disorders.

  • Physician, Paediatrician and Hematologist (on referral).

  • Orthopedics (doctors who specialize in bones, joints, and muscles)

  • Surgeons-ENT, General surgeon, Pediatric Surgeon

  • Physical therapists

  • Lab medical technologists and pathologists

  • Nurses

  • Other specialists (e.g., dentist, nutritionist, ophthalmologist)

We have a Day care centre at LMH, which provide Factor support with the help of Hemophilia federation India and World Hemophilia Federation, Canada under the Humanitarian Aid program. We also provide Factor 8, factor 9 and VWD factor in concessional rates for people with Bleeding disorder.

We also offer 24 hours emergency services to the people with bleeding disorder in our centre. Our centre has equipped Medicine ICU and Pediatric Intensive care unit along with radiology services.

We have the MJPJAY and ABPMJAY under which these patients can be treated free of cost.